NuStep T4R Recumbent Cross Trainer

Lead time: 4-6 weeks

Ideal for small spaces

With its small footprint, our entry level cross trainer model is a popular choice for small spaces. Easy to access and easy to use, T4r empowers users of virtually any fitness level to experience the many life-transforming benefits of exercise.

With its inclusive design, the T4r empowers users of virtually any fitness or ability level to get a total body workout.

  • Low inertia start up with 10 levels of resistance
  • User controlled step length; smooth stepping motions
  • Sturdy grab ring
  • StrideLock locking feature for handles and pedals

Engaging & Motivating Experience

A user-friendly display with engaging programs.

  • Quick Start
    • Get on and go without setting goals
  • Pace Partner
    • Stay on track with a steady pace

Maximum Comfort & Adjustability

Featuring a comfortable, wheelchair height seat that swivels and allows users to access and transfer onto the seat from any angle. And the StrideLock feature, which locks the handles and pedals securely in place, provides additional stability for users accessing the machine.

  • Supports users up to 180kg (400 lbs)
  • Seat swivels 360 degrees, locking at every 45 degrees
  • Arm and seat positions easy to adjust
  • StrideLock locking feature

Product Specs

  • Machine Footprint: 152 cm x 69 cm x 115 cm (60″L x 27″W x 45″H)
  • Unit Weight: 95kg (210lbs)
  • Standard seat width: 43cm (17″)
  • Power: Four AA batteries required (included with purchase)

User Requirements

  • Height: Fits individuals between 137-193cm (4’6″- 6’4″) in height.
  • Weight: Supports users between 34-181 kg (75lb – 400lbs)
  • Age: Recommended for ages 13 and up.




Price quoted is ex VAT and Delivery


Additional information

Weight 95 kg
Dimensions 152 × 69 × 115 cm


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