Spirit CR800+ Recumbent Bike

The CR800+ Semi-Recumbent Bike is the perfect bike for the commercial environment. The step-through design and easy-adjust seat makes it easy for your clients to get on the bike and quickly find the most comfortable seat position. The intuitive console offers multiple program options and up to 40 levels of resistance to keep your clients interested and motivated. The extra smooth ride comes from the perfected gearing and the integrated generator/flywheel system.

  • Built-in contact and telemetric heart rate capabilities for a more effective workout;
  • Generator-powered console means there is no need for outlets or power cords;
  • Oversized foot pedals with fast-latching system;
  • 40 levels of resistance will keep your clients engaged during their entire workout;
  • Full 3 year parts and labour warranty as standard.




Price quoted is ex VAT and Delivery




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